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OCTOBER 12 - 13. 2013

Each team has been assigned a multi game schedule. ALL TEAM DIRECTORS worked together to ensure we have quality match ups. At the conclusion of Sun games there are several "open" time slots set aside for championship games as desired. This event is structured to be a fallball warm up for the upcoming tournament season. Coaches and players will have the chance to play 2 or 3 games/day and learn to balance the rigors of travel, weather, and event play (when to hydrate, eat, energy consumption, etc). For many players it will be a wake up in terms of their need for conditioning prior to Nov. Many teams are bringing mixed rosters - hence while all players play the game to win it is our hope that the competition remains fierce, but collegial. Team rosters are not locked, but as this is a fallball event we do not expect roster adjustments to win per se. There will always be team/program/.regional pride, but these games are truly designed to improve our players and afford the top regional clubs a chance to ready themselves for the upcoming season.  

Game Format:
-Two 22 minute running periods
-5 minute half time
-All games run on central horn
-Teams not ready to take draw within 30 seconds of starting or 2nd half horn will forfeit possession
-Tables will be staffed with timer/scorekeeper who will have a walkie talkies
-Central table will communicate times a follows - 2 minutes, 1 minute and final 10 second count down
-HS games will be USL full-checking rules and MS games will be USL modified-checking rules (unless agreed to by BOTH  head coaches)
-Field 1 will the higher field (closer to the stairs).  Field 2 will be the lower field.

Marshall MS Fields 9700 Ave of Nations, San Diego CA 92131
Fields have undergone a full summer renovation and are in great shape. Unfortunately the restoration to the lower field remains fragile & with the recent rain storms it is off line for this weekend. We will use the upper field for games. Facility has bathrooms and there will be a snackbar on site, as well as vendors for meals and snacks (sno cones, smoothies, drinks, etc). Player meals will be available for purchase from food trucks on site,

Scripps Ranch HS Soccer Field 10410 Treena St San Diego, CA 92131
The field is in relatively good shape, but has a few dead spots. The field is located on the Northern most section of the campus. The intersection of Scripps Ranch Blvd and Scripps Lake is a better marker - look for the paved walkway leading up to the fields along Scripps Lake. There are wall ball courts along western end of the fields and a softball field to the West that can be used for warm ups/team area when not being used by another organization. There will be portabel bathrooms onsite, but no permanent facilities (we will keep portables well stocked and have hand sanitizer available - we have requested a wash station).

        SAT OCT 12  
        MARSHALL MS  
        9700 Ave of Nations SD, CA 92131
  SAT OCT 12   8:00 AZ HS Falcons 2014
  SCRIPPS RANCH HS   9:00 Falcons 2017 AZ U15
  10410 Treena St SD, CA 92131 10:00 Falcons 2015 AZ HS
11:30 Falcons 2015 BearLax 1 11:00 Falcons 2014 AZ U15
12:30 LA Wave HS BearLax2 12:00 Falcons 2017 AZ HS
1:30 Falcons 2016 BearLax 1 1:00 Wave MS Bearlax MS
2:30 LA Wave HS Falcons 2017 2:00 Falcons MS AZ U15
3:30 Falcons 2016 BearLax2 3:00 Wave MS AZ MS
4:30 LA Wave HS BearLax 1 4:00 Falcons MS Bearlax MS
5:30 Falcons 2017 BearLax2 5:30 AZ MS Bearlax MS
  SUN OCT 13     SUN OCT 13  
7:30 Wave MS AZ MS 7:30 Falcons MS Bearlax MS
      8:30 AZ U15 BearLax 1
9:00 Wave MS Falcons MS 9:30 AZ HS BearLax2
10:00 Falcons 2016 LA Wave HS 10:30 AZ MS Bearlax MS
11:00 Wave MS Scream 11:30 AZ U15 BearLax2
12:00 Falcons 2015 LA Wave HS 12:30 AZ HS BearLax 1
1:00 Falcons 2016 Scream 1:30 AZ MS Falcons MS
2:00 Falcons 2017 Scream 2:30 Falcons BearLax 
      3:30 Falcons 2016 Falcons 2015
      4:30 Falcons 2014 Falcons 2017

Saturday, October 12          
MARSHALL Level Refs      
8:00-8:55 am HS Jennifer/Greer      
9:00-9:55 am HS Jennifer/Greer      
10:00-10:55 am HS Jennifer/Greer Scripps HS Level Refs
11:00-11:55 pm HS Susan/Ron 11:30-12:25 HS Kevin B./Patti
12:00-12:55 pm HS Susan/Ron 12:30-1:25 HS Kevin B./Patti
1:00-1:55 pm MS Niki/Susan 1:30-2:25 HS Kevin B./Patti
2:00-2:55 pm MS Niki/Lia 2:30-3:25 HS Jessie/Amanda C.
3:00-3:55 pm MS Niki/Lia 3:30-4:25 HS Jessie/Anna
4:00-4:55 pm MS Carlyn/Reilly 4:30-5:25 HS Amanda C./Anna
5:30-6:25 pm MS Carlyn/Reilly 5:30-6:25 HS Amanda C./Anna
Sunday, October 13          
  Level Marshall MS   LEVEL SRHS
7:30 - 8:25 MS Joe/Cat 7:30-8:25 MS Reilly/Niki
8:30 - 9:25 HS Jennifer/Jessie      
9:30 - 10:25 HS Jennifer/Jessie 9:00-9:55 MS Reilly/Niki
10:30 - 11:25 MS Jennifer/Anna 10:00-10:55 HS Steve/Joel
11:30 - 12:25 HS Amanda C./Anna 11:00-11:55 HS Steve/Joel
12:30 - 1:25 HS Amanda C./Susan 12:00-12:55 HS Steve/Joel
1:30 - 2:25 MS Amanda C./Susan 1:00-1:55 HS Michael/Greer
2:30-3:25 HS Kevin B./Pete 2:30-3:25 HS Michael/Greer
3:30-4:25 HS Kevin B./Pete      
4:30-5:25 HS Kevin B./Pete      
TRAVEL ACCOMMODATIONS - contact Coach Joe for details
HOTEL: The block at the Residence Inn in Rancho Bernardo for traveling teams is sold out. One off rooms for  
$134/night may be available (includes complete hot breakfast Sat and Sun a.m).

Residence Inn San Diego, Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mountain Ranch
11002 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego, CA  92128-4288

Discounted group rate cutoff date, September 28, 2013
Marriott reservations at 1 (800) 228 9290 - reference Falcons Invitational for rooms Fri Oct 11 and/or Sat Oct 12.

We will have a limited snackbar Sat all day (Snacks, Drinks, Light Food) & Sun am (coffee, snacks)

There are several restaurants near tournament hotel that can manage team seating .
Fillipis Pizza is a few minutes from either field
There are ample options near the Residence Inn - Fridays, Islands, In and Out,

RENTAL VANS: - Please check with Enterprise and Budget for weekend rates.