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Recruiting Timeline - Freshman Year

  • Grades - focus & do well
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Attend NCAA college games in the area (D1 = SDSU & USC, D3 = Redlands, Occidental, Clairmont, Club - UCSD, USD, CSSM)
  • Go to College sponsored camps - Fresno, Cal, Stanford, UC Davis, Denver, Oregon, etc
  • Play many sports - explore in Fall and Winter seasons

Recruiting Timeline - Sophomore Year

  • Grades - focus & do well - take challenging courses (AP, Honors) 
  • Go see college games - D1, D3, and college club
  • Go to College camps  - broaden scope to match your interests
  • Play different sports - Aquatics are great for building core strength and gentle muscle workouts
  • PSAT's - Prepare for exams, plan to do well
  • Research schools of interest - Consider size, geography, curriculum, campus life, proximity to home
  • Begin to consider a broad list of schools - Include stretch schools academically and athletically

Things to consider when looking at schools:

  • Academics - Choose school that is right for you - 4.0 is minimum for most Ivy League Schools and Virtual Ivy League' alike (Stanford, Cal, etc)
  • Athletics - Is the sports dept respected/supported by student body.
  • Size - D1 or D3 are affixed by size of institution
  • Location - Near home, near beach, etc
  • Rules: no phone calls to College Coaches as Sophs

By March/April of Soph Year:

  1. Send intro letter to schools of interest and include the following:
  2. Contact information - complete, accurate
  3. Academic information - complete, accurate
  4. Athletic information - sports, awards
  5. Other involvement - keep it short, but stay interesting

Letter - write it yourself

  • Introduce yourself and be confident in who you are - interviews can go both ways!!
  • Express your interest in the schools - cite traditions, culture, etc that matches who you are,
  • What are you looking for in a school and how does that match your targeted apllications?

Colleges Response:

  • Questionnaire - Form letter available on virtually every college program' door
  • Return it with all the info you know; don't hide anything
  • Send updates for questionnaire with important info: grades, awards, test scores


  • Play Lacrosse; go to camp of interst - geography, social scene, campus housing
  • By end of summer: list of schools to club coaches for letters of recomendation - top 10

Recruiting Timeline - Junior Year

Fall of Junior Year

  • Stay in touch/ show interest to coaches at targeted schools

Rules: 9/1

  • Written correspondence allowed/ no phone calls
  • - college coaches can receive but not make calls
  • Respond honestly
  • Visit top choices - notify coach early to set up a meeting 

Following 1st semester/marking period

  • Send Transcript to target schools
  • Get a start on standardized tests - PSATs, SATs, SAT II's 

Winter Junior Year

  • List of schools to club coaches for insight
  • Intro letters to coaches
  • High school schedules with #/ summer schedule
  • Respond honestly/stay in touch
  • Visit campus/arrange to meet with the coach
  • Send transcripts
  • Take standardized tests
  • Find out which are needed by the schools you are interested in
  • Send coach evaluatons to club coaches
  • Go to camp either @ a school of interest or where the coach will be workng 

7/1 - Phone calls

  • Send updated transcripts
  • Be yourself/be honest
  • Ask questions, voice concerns

Signing date: 2nd Wednesday in November/Letter of Intent

  • Be aware of early admission deadlines
  • Most importantly, if you want to take your visits - take them.  If a coach wants you that badly they will wait.
  • Recruiting process/purpose: to find the best fit for you!