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This site is a reference for club members, families, and friends.

To provide the optimal training environment for female lacrosse players in San Diego and neighboring areas. A sharp focus on skill development and growth - as a player and person. Our training sessions are coordinated and designed to improve player skills - pushing players to better themselves every time them hit the field. Tournaments/Events are scheduled to allow competition against elite programs, yet truly serve as a measuring stick to gauge player development. And any/all travel is carefully chosen to afford college recruiting exposure and out of region competition. Lastly, the Pacfic Falcons program  prides itself on putting the player first - offering a safe and supportive environment where players enjoy the life experiences & deep friendships that are uniquely available through a club lacrosse team.


If you have any questions please forward them via email to  or contact Coach Joe directly, (858) 254-6721

Recruit Announcements

2020 Team


2019 Team

Meaghan McDoniel - SDSU (Goalie)

Sarah Mclean - Denver

Carly Tobias - Lindenwood

Molly Landon - Whittier

Nora Casey - American

Jolie Reidell - Army

Bailey Gehler - George Mason

Marianna Miller -


2018 Team

Sophia Lerose - Duke (Goalie)

CJ Jones - SDSU

Natalie Wilson - UC Davis


2017 Team

Sam Fish - Princeton (Goalie)

Ella Pejakovich - SDSU (Goalie)

Elizabeth Scott - Albion (Goalie)

Laurel Brislin - SDSU

Marisa Kuberra - CAL

Ella Boyce - CAL

Kate Bieraugel - Mt. St Marys

Lauren Harrison - Mt St Marys

Katie Hendrix - ASU

Erin DiBernardo - ASU

Sabrina Grovom - New Hampshire

Rylee Skachenko - McKendree

Annie Meggars - Illinois Institute Technology

Kennedi Cantrell - Colorado State Univ, Pueblo

Kaylin Holdeman - Univ of Mount Olive

Mackenzie Hall - Univ of Alabama

Steph Plowden - CAL



by posted 08/22/2015
Strong Showing at Inaugural SurfStorm

2017 Team - Champs

posted 12/21/2014
Monticello visit during CapCup

by JosephBrown posted 07/27/2014
Western Cup -2015, 2016. 2017 Teams

posted 07/12/2014
U15 Team Qualifies for Nationals

posted 07/12/2014
NECup Team goes 3-1 in MA

posted 07/12/2014
College Tours - Harvard

posted 07/11/2014
Pacific Falcons take 2nd at UCSB Shootout

A mixed team of Frosh/8th graders headed up to UCSB Feb 15/16 for a two day tournament. The team went undefeated in pool play, easily won their semi final, and then took Aliso Niguel HS to overtime in the championship game. Having beat Aliso in pool play 9-6, the rematch proved to be more tightly contested - and a lot more physical. After trailing at half by 1, the young guns held a 2 goal lead going into the final 4 minutes, ...but Aliso Niguel was able to tie it in the final minute. Going into OT man down, the  team was unable to hold off Aliso. A solid showing all around - Great Job Girls!

by JosephBrown posted 03/01/2014
Pacific Falcons U15 win HS & JV Div @ Oceana

by JosephBrown posted 01/27/2014
A Long Deserved Bit Of Public Praise

For the past 7 Years Catlin Brown has carried the burden of being not only the face of the Pacific Falcons, but doing so as my daughter. This past weekend Catlin participated in her 7th and final Sandstorm as a player. And for the 2nd year she led her team into the championship game with the same ease and unselfish play that has defined her lacrosse career to date. Cat has been a teammate, and trusted friend, to most of the top players in San Diego for the past 8 years. It has been a pleasure  to inform opposing coaches, refs, players, parents, and scouts that she is my daughter. Be it a CIF game, Club tournament, NT Event, UnderArmor Showcase, or U15 Nationals, whether they were offering praise or expressing their "frustrations", I remained a proud coach and father. And while I may no longer be her coach, Cat will always be my favorite Pacific Falcon. Thank you for countless adventures and your perseverance through the recruiting process - I. love you Cat - Dad/Coach Joe
by JosephBrown posted 01/22/2014
2014 Team takes 2nd at Sandstorm


Words cannot adequately express my respect and admiration for this outstanding group of young women. They stuck together and supported each other every step of the way. A collection of players from Coronado, Mission Hills, Scripps, Del Norte, Westview, Los Al, Bishops, and La Costa Canyon. Many 2014' from San Diego have worn a Pacific Jersey along the way, and I am proud to have coached them all, but this group stayed the course. They proved that the power of many is greater than the interests of any one. Thank You for being such great role models to those that follow in your footsteps! Coach Lyndsey and I have enjoyed the ride and will always treasure the memories - Coach Joe

Pictured -
Coach Lyndsey, Taylor Cabrera, Bridgett Grubb, Carolina Tweedy, Sarah Andersen, Grace Schmidt-Beck, Cat Brown, Marissa Ellison, Kendra Jones, Kat Rudy, Coach Joe

by JosephBrown posted 01/20/2014
The Pacific Falcons went 14-1 last weekend at their annual event
The teams all played well - many played games short handed &/or with guest players
Our MS team played most games with 7 or 8 field players & still won every game
Our weekend was highlighted by an all program game Sun afternoon
Thank you to our great players, parents, and coaches for all you do to support the club
by JosephBrown posted 10/20/2013

This picture captures the essence of our team - no need for glitz or glamour, we just play hard!

by JosephBrown posted 07/18/2013

2015 Team at Western Cup
A great weekend of Lacrosse - HS teams extend undefeated streak to 35 games

2015 Team, 4-0
v West Coast Starz, 18-7 (win)
v Denver Summit Gold, 16-2 (win)
v True Il, 14-3 (win)
v Team 180 (win) 

2014/16 Team 4-0-1
v Indy United 7-7 (Tie)
v Xteam Lite 15-3 (win)
v Utah Mamaci Gold 17-0 (win)
v Northern Lights 6-4 (win) (Shortened Game)
v True Il 8-1 (win)(Shortened Game)
by posted 07/16/2013
Falcons finish 3rd at USL Regionals

U15 National Qualifiers : 5-1 in San Jose
The U15 Team played great despite the weather - the hottest temps in CA in nearly 100 years.
Congratulations to the team - well done Coach Erin and Coach Kristin!

GAME SUMMARY - 5-1-0 Record (scoring totals 41-26)
Game 1 v Generation Next, 8-5
Game 2 v Sugar Free, 6-3
Gane 3 v BearLax 2018, 10-2
Game 4 v Generation Next, 5-4 
Game 5 v Bearlax 2017, 5-8
Game 6 v Arizona Heat, 7-4

The team has now qualified for the USL U15 National Championships in Orlando, July 23-25
This marks the 5th straight year a Pacific Falcons team will play in the USL U15 National Championships
We are making travel plans now - the team will fly from San Diego on July 21 and return July 25 (5 days/4 nights)
Details will be emailed to all players that participated in San Jose/Morgan Hill
All players that helped the team advance are invited to Orlando
The team can make up to 6 roster changes and will evaluate final roster needs later this week
by posted 06/30/2013
Falcons go 14-0-1 at Pacific Lacrosse Festival

2014/15 Team - 5-0, Pacific Lacrosse Festival Champions
  1. 17-2 over LA Wave
  2. 14-0 over Team Scream
  3. 13-2 over Trojan Select
  4. 18-4 over Desert Heat Black
  5. 16-5 over West Coast Starz
  • This team dominated their competition. The very first play of the weeeknd was a goal for LA Wave, after that the team never trailed. 78-13 - great team play all around, fantastic defense.
2015/16 Team - 5-0, Pacific Lacrosse Festival Champions
  1. 16-3 over Desert Heat Orange
  2. 14-1 over Mamaci Red
  3. 13-9 over West Coast Starz
  4. 14-0 over Victory
  5. 8-2 over Coastal Elite
  • This team played short all weekend long. For some games they had only 8 field players, for others 9. Despite playing down all tournament they played as a team. 65-15 -hats off to this gritty group.
2017/18 Team - 4-0-1 Pacific Lacrosse Festival Champions
  1. 9-3 over Trojan Select
  2. 11-2 over LA Wave
  3. 11-11 tie Pugeot Sound Select
  4. 7-3 over Seattle Starz
  5. 8-7 over Silverfin
  • The 2017/18 Team finished tied with PSS at 4-0-1 atop the U15 division. Per posted tournament rules the division tiebreaker was head to head, common opponents, then goals against. Pacific Falcons goals against 26, PSS goals against 32. The PSS team wanted to play a rematch, however due to schedule issues we were unable to accommodate such a request. As a consolation /sign of sportsmanship we opted to give the tournament trophy to PSS.

by posted 06/29/2013
Pacific Falcons Fly High at SummerSplash

Royal Team at SummerSplash
Final Results at SummerSplash
Navy 3-1 (Wins over WestCoast Starz 14, Bay Area Wave, LA Wave)
Royal 3-0-1 (Wins over Triple Threat, Bearlax 14 Green, LA Wave, & Tie w/ BearLax 15Blue)
Silver 2-2 (Wins over West Coast Starz, Team Scream)

the heat is obnoxious - 106 at game time on Sat. Every team at the event is struggling to manage their players hydratio level and avoid heat exhaustion!

by posted 06/09/2013

Game Times -SAT
9 Hewes v Falcons Blue (L)
10 MadDog v Falcons Silver (W)
12 PQ Tigers v Falcons Silver (W)
1 MadDog v Falcons Blue (W)
2 RB Fillies v Falcons Silver (W)
4 PQ Tigers v Falcons Blue (W)

Game Times - SUN
8 Falcons Blue v RB Fillies (W)
10 Hewes v Falcons Silver (W)
1 2017/18 Falcons v Scream (W)
2 2015/16 Falcons v Scream (W)
3 2014/15 Falcons v Scream (W)

by posted 02/05/2013

Pacific Falcons Naxy - Sandstorm, 2nd Place
11-1 v NW LaxRippers, 16-0 v Beachhead, 14-4 v Newlax, 13-0 v Desert Heat, 5-4 v Mamaci, 3-4 v BearLax
by posted 01/21/2013
Bay Area Bonanza
The Navy and Pacific Teams each played a solid 6 games over the weekend. Royal had the best record going 3-2-1 on the weekend, with both losses to 2014 teams (Bearlax 14Blue and WCS 2014) and a tie against a mixed age team (Mamaci Elite). Navy played as a mixed unit with some frosh and 8th graders cutting their teeth in the elite bracket. The team ended up 2-3-1, but the record does not reflect the overall success. As a club we are not use to going 5-5-2, but each team improved as the event went forward and we saw a lot of player growth on many levels. Our player of the tournament was Paige "Sunny" Soenksen - she anchored both teams in the goal and had well over 100 saves on the weekend...many right on the crease! GREAT JOB SUNNY!!!!


ROYAL  Homecoming Court for Sami


by Joe Brown posted 11/08/2012
Pacifc Falcons Shine at Invitational

Some of the players that helped Navy go 6-0 at the Falcons Invitational

by posted 10/24/2012
Falcons Mix team Dominates at UCSB

We had a lot of fun on the field going 4-0, and played around off the field as well!
by posted 10/24/2012
Falcons Fly High At SDSU 5v5

WHITE - Our youngest team played great
ROYAL - Finished pool play with only 1 loss and seeded 2nd!
NAVY - Took 2nd Place, lost championship in 3rd overtime


G Fish 16 2017
D Cabrera 45 2014
D Nolte 77 2013
D Jones 13 2014
A Grubb 1 2014
A Brown 10 2014
A Tweedy 28 2014
A Hooper 29 2013

G Hernandez   2016
D Downey 23 2015
D Herrick 21 2015
D Rasmussen 12 2015
A Weinstein 29 2015
A Lucero 20 2015
A Grovom,K 13 2015
A Ricci 25 2015
D              Garces        22            2015

G Malone   2017
D Ganino 33 2016
D Rosario 56 2016
D Grubb   2015
A Gibson 41 2016
A Black 55 2016
A Kaplan   2015
A Walter 48 2015

posted 10/24/2012
Falcons Team Flys at Stanford 5v5
Sami H, Alex R, Carolina T, Sarah A, Bridgett G, Paige S, and Cat B traveled to Stanford for the inaugeral 5v5. The girls went 6-0-1 in pool play. The final game was a challenge v a merged Cardinal House Team and Bay Area Wave - the only other undefeated teams. The girls played tough, but fell 3-1 in the defacto championship game. A great day was capped off with a dip in the Hoover Tower Fountain!! 
by posted 10/01/2012
Pacific Lacrosse Tourny - Pacific Falcons Go 14-2

Pacific Lacrosse Festival
Navy Team - 5-0
Royal Team 5-0
White Team 4-2

Game 1 v Team OC - 15-1 Win
Game 2 v Desert Heat - 14-2 Win
Game 3 v Team Scream 13-1 Win
Game 4 v Seattle Starz - 12-2 Win
Game 5 v West Coast Starz - 12-5 Win
* Coach Joe receives Positive Coaching Award*

Game 1 v American River 13-4 Win
Game 2 v Team Altitude 13-5 Win
Game 3 v Triple Threat 8-3 Win
Game 4 v Bay Area Wave 13-4 Win
Game 5 v FCA 13-4 Win

Game 1 v Mavericks 5-7 LOSS
Game 2 v Desert Heat 9-3 WIN
Game 3 v FCA 15-6 WIN
Game 4 v  Seattle Starz Blue 6-11 LOSS
Game 5 v Sawtooth 8-5 WIN
Game 6 v Seattle Starz Green 11-5 Win


by posted 06/23/2012
Mavericks Invitational Sun June 17 - MS Team

MS U15 Team wins 2 in LA

11:00 v LaxWest Spirit/Beachhead - WIN 11-1

12:00 v Mavericks - WIN 12-11

by posted 06/15/2012
Falcons MS Team goes 6-0 in OC

SURF CITY - U15 MS Spring 2012

1:15 v SoCal Lacrosse (White) - 12-7 win
2:30 v Pioneer (Blue) - 14-7 win
3:30 v Hewes (White) - 12-9 win
4:45 v Storm (Blue) - 12-9 win

8:15 v OakCrest (Blue) - 11-7 win
9:30 v TigerLillies (White) - 14-9 win

by posted 05/15/2012
Congratulations to the players and coaches on a great series of games v English Teams. For many players this was their first experience playing full check. The girls took on St Swithuns HS (Soph/Frosh Team) and St Catherines HS (Jr/Soph Team) and stood toe to toe with older, bigger players.

v St Swithuns A            5-5 Tie
v St Swithuns C           18-4 win

April 4
v St Swithuns B           14-6 win

April 15
v St Catherines B        7-5 win
v St Catherines A        5-5 tie

by posted 04/18/2012
The MS Team went 5-0 at SDYLF
Congratulations to all participants - a great weekend of youth lacrosse!

9-8 v Scripps
14-0 v PQ
11-3 v Hewes
12-1 v Team San Diego
7-6 v LA Mavericks
by posted 02/14/2012
BRINE TEAMS GO 11-1...2 Championships/One runner up

NAVY = Falcons 1 10:00 v Lady O's (win) , 2:00 v Corona Del Mar (win)
WHITE = Falcons 2 8:00 v Los Al 2 (17-2 win), 11:00 v Valencia (10-1 win)
ROYAL = Falcons 3 12:00 v Bushido 2 (win), 3:00 v OC Chapter 3 (win)


Navy 9:00 v Flash (15-4 win) - Bracket Game at 2:00 (10-9 win in championship)

White 12:00 v OC Chapter 2 (win)- Bracket Game at 3:00 (12-4 win in championship)

Royal 9:00 v Gold Coast (win) - Bracket Game at 11:00 (9-8 loss in championship)

by posted 11/29/2011
Falcons Invitational Results - Club remains undefeated

NAVY 1 went 3-0 over the weekend

Navy 2 was 2-0, Royal was 1-0-1, White was 1-0
9:00   Pacific Falcons Navy 1 v Desert Heat HS 18-2
10:00 Team San Diego v Desert Heat U15
11:00 Pacific Falcons Navy 2 v Desert Heat HS
12:00 Pacific Falcons Royal  v Desert Heat U15 11-5
9:00   Team OC v Pacific Falcons Navy 15-1
10:00 Team OC v Desert Heat HS
11:00 Pacific Falcons White v Desert Heat U15 
12:00 Los Al v Pacific Falcons Navy1   14-4
1:00   Los Al v Pacific Falcons Navy 2   8-2
1:00   Pacific Falcons Royal v Desert Heat HS/MS 8-8

*Rosters posted on tournament page- Pacific Falcons Invitational*
9700 Ave of Nations, San Diego, CA 92131
(School is located off Pomerado Rd w/in 1 mile of I-15 & Pomerado/Miramar Rd exit)

by posted 09/30/2011
Pacific Falcons U17 Goes 4-0 at CapitalCup

The U17 Team arrived into Richmond ready for Capital Cup! The team started out strong with a 18-2 victory over Minnesota. The team stayed hot on day 2 - beating Geronimo Elite 8-3 (Richmond, VA) & followed that with a strong 11-4 victory over Triple Threat (Bay Area, CA). On the final day the team controlled the game against Detroit winning 13-8. The event organizers gave the team 4 games and the girls took it to each team on the schedule - trailing only once all weekend!

While in Richmond the team has toured UVA, James Madison, and Univ of Richmond. We also went to see the Harry Potter Movie & watched the world cup finals Sunday before the team split up.  

Follow the team on facebook!
posted 07/16/2011

The team played as a split squad in the 5 pool games and then came together for a great win in the Championship. The girls played inspired lacrosse both days and outscored their competition in 11 of the 12 halves of play. The girls heading to Orlando took a big step forward - congratulations to all!


Game 1 v Stick w/It 10-7
Game 2 v Roxy 15-5
Game 3 v LaxWest Spirit 14-8
Game 4 v FCA 13-7*
Game 5 v Seattle Rainz 12-7*
Championship v Stick w/ it - 13-8*

*Actual score may differ slightly, but score listed is realtively close

posted 07/11/2011
U15 White Team Rules in AZ

Pacific Falcons White Dominates in AZ

The U15 White Team dominated the competition in AZ. The girls outscored competition 54-18 over 5 games - game scores were 14-3, 10-3, 11-4, 9-4, and 10-4. The girls played well and we really came togther as a team off the field. Pacific has qualified 2 teams for Orlando (Blue & White) - we will start that planning process immediately.

US Lacrose magazine online has a nice article posted

by Coach Joe posted 03/27/2011
U15 Takes the Title at Sandstrom!!

Congratulations to the players and coaches - the team went 5-0 and dominated every team in their division. Devon Doheny was nominated to the all tournament team - ALL players showed a ton of class and poise by not running up the score on teams or playing selfish lacrosse. A great accomplishment for this group of players - they are the first Pacific Falcons team to win their division at Sandstorm. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!
by Joe Brown posted 01/18/2011
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